is a service company that can turn a 3D model into a real ABS 3DPrint up to 5" x 5" x 5" inches in size.  We also offer design services to help you with your modeling.

How to buy a 3D Print of a design from

Step 1Choose your design from one available on-line or design it yourself with Sketchup or other suitable tool.  You can either down load the file yourself or identify the item by its name or web link and provide the link when you order.

If you have a custom design, try to provide some idea of what it will be used for, any critical dimensions or cosmetic surfaces that you want to look good.  This will help me ensure that the part is printed to be functional and look good. 

Step 2 - Decide what color material you would like from those listed below:

white, black, red, orange, neon orange, yellow, green, blue, silver, gold, white which turns to red in sunlight, and glow in the dark green are all available.

 Step 3- I sell through a web site called, which lists 3D printing makers like myself who offer to make 3DPrints for folks like you.  The link below will take you directly to my page.  If you are not familiar with the service, you can go to their home page at and then look me up by zip code 32757

You might want to open this link in another browser window so you can refer back to this page when needed.

Just click on the Message Jim button in the upper right corner to begin.

(I don't recommend you use the Place Order Instantly button as the price quoted by Makexyz will be higher than my custom quote.

Step 4The page will look like the snapshot below.  Enter your email address, describe the project in the message area, and Upload either the stl file or original Sketchup model file. I can convert Sketchup models to stl.  Click on send message.

Step 5 - I will review your request and provide you the cost, including shipping the item to you.  Cost is based on the weight of the print, which is about 1 gram per solid cubic centimeter of volume.  Shipping varies by the part size, but is usually $2.50  Makexyz will add a 15% fee to the cost I quote.

For custom designs, I might suggest changes that will ensure your print will be more successful and work better in your application.

Step 6 - If you accept the terms of the print, just respond through Makexyz and I will send a custom invoice through Makexyz.  These terms will almost always be less expensive than using the Instant Order option through Makexyz.

Step 7 - You will receive an invoice from MakeXYZ for my quote.  Just pay and wait for confirmation from me that your custom 3D print is in process and expected date of shipment. 

I can usually process 3D prints the day after I receive notice of the paid invoice and will ship by USPS as soon as the prints are done.  I ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of your print and want you to be a repeat customer.

About US -Why use

I am a retired mechanical engineer with 40 years of design experience

15 years as a subject matter expert in Lean Six Sigma manufacturing. 

I understand the value of the part to my customers and ensure they are getting the functional part they desire.

We use an Affinia 479 3D Printer

       Highest rating in in both the 2012 and 2013 Make Magazine 3D Printer evaluation

       Ease of use, reliability, and consistent detailed performance with ABS material. 

       5" x 5" x 5" inch build area

       Multitude of color ABS material to feed it.

Why ABS?

ABS material is a common material used for many commercial and consumer goods.  I guarantee you already have many products in your home made from ABS. 

PLA material is sometimes used by 3D printers because it is easier to work but it is weak under any load at a much lower temperature. (124 deg F compared to ABS 179 deg F)  It will not stand up to daily use like ABS will. (The plastic in your car will exceed 124 deg F on a hot summer day.) 

A good design will use the shape and thickness of the material to derive strength and not depend on the strength of the raw material alone.  In addition, 3DPrinting does not provide equal strength in all directions like subtractive manufacturing or molded parts. That is why I need to understand your application before orienting the part for build.  My expertise in mechanical engineering can help guide your design to meet your needs.

The photo at the top of the page shows the Afinia Printer printing a snowman figure for a Holiday ornament.

To contact me other than through, use the email address below but remove the word "remove" from the address