From your imagination to a 3D model can 3D print an object up to a 5 inch cube in durable ABS plastic, the stuff used to make LEGO® blocks.

Turn your ideas into 3D objects!

Choose a design from the thousands on, design your own, or have us create the model for you.

3D Printing is perfect for:

Students wanting to learn about this exciting new technology.

Turn your Prototype into Reality:

Entrepreneurs looking for a way to turn that next Kickstarter idea into a prototype they can share.

Business Gifts, Clubs and Events:

Design your own Unique custom Business Gift, Club or Event Idea.

New or replacement Parts:

Makers wanting to use 3D printing to create new or replacement parts.

Holiday Gifts and Decorations

Design your own unique Holiday Gift or decoration and have us make it for you.

3D Printed Gift Certificates available!

They get to choose what they want printed and still keep the above print.


JMS 3D Printing Services

We are a service company that can turn a 3D model into a real ABS 3DPrint up to 5" x 5" x 5" inches in size.  We also offer design services to help you with your modeling.

3D Printing Service

We can turn your STL model files into full 3D printed objects in durable ABS plastic.  We want to understand the use of the print so we can ensure you get the best strength and appearance.

Design Service

If you don’t have a 3D computer model, we can help you make your concept a reality.  We will want to see sketches or photos you may have or a brief description.  We can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your idea before we start.

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Customers We Serve

  • Students looking to learn to create 3D designs and see them printed
  • Hobbyists who want to enhance their experience by using 3D printed parts
  • Inventors who need to have a prototype to show potential customers or investors
  • Commercial industries who need models to help their Customers visualize their product
  • Craft people who want to use 3D Printing technology to create something unique.
  • Ordinary folks who need to have a replacement part made for something in their home or car

Who we are has the mechanical design experience and knowledge of 3D printing strengths and shortcomings to ensure you receive a 3D Print that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Experienced Users

Upload your 3D file in STL or Sketchup format.  Please provide size information since the STL file does not provide any and changes in scale during translation are not uncommon.
We will review your design at no charge, let you know if there will be any print issues and provide a quote.

Upload A Design

New to 3D Printing?

Use our guided instructions for selecting or creating a design, basic guidelines, and uploading your design to us.  We will review your design in STL file form at no charge and let you know if there will be any print issues as well as provide a quote for printing cost.

Find or Create a Design

Made-in-the-USA-300x284 jpg

80% of your print value is American labor, and I recently started buying my material from Makergeeks which manufactures the ABS filament in the USA.